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Pushing the boundaries
for the future of healthy
& sustainable plant
based foods

Every story needs a hero.
And as heroes goes, they don’t come any better than Yelte – your friendly little hemp buddy. 

Yelte offers innovative and fresh plant based foods & drinks for everyday life that are not only tastier and healthier than other plant based products on the market, but also smarter, more innovative and more fun!

With Yelte, we want to make it easier and more enjoyable to make plant based choice every day! A fresh choice that is friendly not only to you, but to our planet as well.

Yelte - Fresh & Friendly


Yelte offers innovative and fresh plant/hemp based foods & drinks for everyday life that strive to be good to both people and the planet.


Our hemp based products are not only tastier and healthier than other similar products on the market; they are fresh,innovative and more fun too!


With Yelte, it’s easier, tastier and more fun tomake a plantbased choice every day, which is friendlier to both you and our planet.

Hemp has world class resource efficiency!
Hemp requires very little irrigation to grow.​ Pests and insects does not ​ like hemp, which means that very few pesticides ​are required.​
Hemp is CO² negative over a full growing cycle.Hemp cleanses the ground from various pollutants.
Hemp can be grown in all climate zones of the world allowing for local production globally.
Hemp has an incredibly ​high utilization rate, up to 98% of the plant can be used in various applications.

Why hemp?

There are many reasons to why you should use hemp in your everyday life. The main reason is that it is suitable for everyone. Hemp has no gluten or GMO. It includes all essential amino acids and is lactose free. Hemp is Suitable for everyone!


Hemp does not contain gluten.

OMEGA 3 & 6

Hemp is rich in Omega 3 and 6.

Yelte Hempdrink - No Allergies


Hemp does not contain any allergenes.

Yelte Hemp Protein


Hemp is a rich and complete source of protein.


This is Yelte Hempdrink the Original! 

We are confident that this plant based drink will be the most sustainable and healthy plant based alternative out there. The main reason for that is because it is made out of hemp. Many of the plant based alternatives today offers very poor nutritional values.

This drink contains rich amounts of omega 3 & 6. It is a complete source of protein that is free from gluten and GMO. It does not contain any allergies.

Oh yeah – we forgot to add that it also tastes awesome. Or as we say – Fresh and Friendly. Unconfirmed sources say that it even might give you super powers.

Yelte Package

Yelte comes from the Swedish word ’Hjälte’ which stands for Hero. As you probably already have guessed – we are a new actor on the market with our roots in Landskrona, Sweden. 

It all started with a discussion where we asked ourselves why there was no plant based alternatives that was both sustainable for the planet, good for us as people and that tasted good. Every time we watched at the plant based drink alternatives, at least in Sweden, there was none that covered it all. 

Another funny thing that we realized, was that there were no alternatives that had a green package. Which made us wonder, why? All of the products that we looked at were after all plant based…

From there we decided that we wanted to create something new. An actor that truly pushed the boundaries for healthy and sustainable plant based food and drinks. A hero that created products that was both sustainable for our planet, good for people and tasted good.

So what plant based alternative is green and covers all of above? Hemp. 

That is why we start off with creating our first product made out of Hemp and we have a lot more that is to come in the near future. 

Meet team Yelte

Peter Andersson at Yelte
Peter Andersson
Andreas Hagman at Yelte
Andreas Hagman
Martin Andersson at Yelte
Martin Andersson
David Vrabl at Yelte
David Vrabl
Ajdin Crnovic at Yelte
Ajdin Crnovic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you choose Hemp for your first product?

There are many reason for why. We choose hemp because there was no good hemp drink alternatives out on the market when we started. But also because of the positive things that hemp gives us and our planet. The seeds contains high levels of minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, protein and is extremely nutritious. Imagine having a good steak next to you – with enough hemp seeds you get the same amount of healthy lean protein if not more. Not mention that it is fast growing and can thrive in a wide variaty of climates and enviroments.

Isn't the use of Hemp illegal in a lot of countries because of it beeing a drug?

Yelte Original Hempdrink is made of hempseeds from industrial hemp. This is a hemp that does not contain any THC or CBD. In other words it has no drug properties and you can stay calm. Hemp has so many other extremely positive aspects that people tend to forget.

There are so many plant based alternatives today, why choose Yelte?

Yelte is your best choice if you want to be a hero for mother earth and for your beautiful body.

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